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We help keep your classroom modern while saving you hours of planning time by providing complete lessons that are ready-to-teach straight from your internet browser. (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer)

We believe that you don’t need new gadgets to modernize your classroom. You just need tools to work modernly with what you already have.

Start using 1,200+ Lessons for ELA, Math, ELD, Science, History, and more today. No credit card required to begin, and you can cancel at any time.

educeri lesson plans

Try it now. We have sample lessons for every grade.

Lesson Benefits for Teachers

Affordable Tech

Educeri is inexpensive, easy to use, and technology-oriented.

Test Prep

Educeri is an excellent resource for test preparation.

Sub Planning

These Ready-To-Teach lessons are perfect for substitutes to use and keep the momentum of your pacing in full effect.

Student Handouts

Every lesson comes with a student handout.


You have access to all K-12 content, allowing them to use other lessons for remediation and acceleration.

EL Help

Lessons can are ready to be used as integrated ELD.

Research-based Strategies

Every lesson has built-in English Learner strategies and Checking for Understanding questions.


All lessons are aligned to state and national standards.


Educeri has rigorous EDI lessons that are great for initial first teaching of difficult content.

Find the lesson that fits your pacing, and teach the lesson straight from your web browser. NO MORE SPECIAL SOFTWARE

About Educeri Lesson Plans

Here at Educeri, we are committed to providing lessons – awesome ones – that are ready for you to teach, anytime, and at an affordable price (Because we know those last minute runs for more glue sticks and pencils start to add up). We are a team of educators, editors, graphic designers, grammar snobs, and math nerds who are passionate about providing top-notch educational materials. We believe that by eliminating those 1 a.m. lesson-planning nightmares, we can make a difference in teachers’ lives – your lives, so you can get back to being your engaging, inspiring selves (Maybe with only three cups of coffee today instead of four. You never know. Miracles can happen!).

Lesson plans
Lessons plans
Lesson plans
Lessons plans


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