When combined with basic delivery strategies, Educeri lessons are proven to improve student performance… dramatically.

  • Accurate, standards-based content
  • Real-time feedback via built-in checking for understanding
  • Research-based, classroom-tested procedures
  • Educeri lessons are based on the foundations of Explicit Direct Instruction(EDI).

Featured Testimonial

Thank you so much! Educeri is absolutely great! My students have had a major increase in comprehension and achievement. I would like to introduce all of the teachers in my district about this website. My child in particular attends the same district that I work in and she has learned different things using the Educeri website. Her scale score in both English Language Arts and Mathematics increased by 150 points. I have taught her class on several occasions using Educeri.

Brittany Morrow
District Liaison of Curriculum
Yazoo City Municipal School District

Educeri lessons have many features that save time and improve the overall classroom experience:   

-Printable student handouts -Assessments and Flash Cards

-English Learners pacing guide with integrated lessons -Lesson subscription request

-State and Common Core Learning Objectives -ELD Learning Objectives and Essential Tools

-TESOL Learning Objective guides -ELA Common Core Learning objective guides

-Math Common Core Learning objective guides -Next Generation Science Standards guides

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School Administration - 20 years
Curriculum Design - 10 years

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