We have created an easy-to-use lesson subscription service where educators and parents can find awesome lessons created by experts in curriculum design.

Core goals

  • To provide reliable quality lessons
  • To keep costs low for parents and teachers
  • To allow 24/7 access to lessons and resources
  • To provide excellent service to our clients

Our experience

Educational Research - 17 Years
School Administration - 20 years
Curriculum Design - 10 years

Our Story

Educeri, developed in 2015, is the latest innovation from John Hollingsworth and Dr. Silvia Ybarra, owners of DataWORKS Educational Research, and their team of talented specialists.

Since 1997, DataWORKS has been focused on improving student learning, especially for low-performing students. They advanced from data analysis to training teachers to providing well-crafted lessons. Now, they have taken their commitment to the next level by going digital. The company has created hundreds of Ready to Teach® lessons that can be accessed by teachers at the click of a button. Lessons no longer reside in books or student worksheets; they are streaming to every teacher’s classroom via any device. This is Educeri!

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Years of Experience


Happy Users

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About Educeri Video

About Educeri

Here at Educeri, we are committed to providing lessons – awesome ones – that are ready for you to teach, anytime, and at an affordable price (Because we know those last minute runs for more glue sticks and pencils start to add up). We are a team of educators, editors, graphic designers, grammar snobs, and math nerds who are passionate about providing top-notch educational materials. We believe that by eliminating those 1 a.m. lesson-planning nightmares, we can make a difference in teachers’ lives – your lives, so you can get back to being your engaging, inspiring selves (Maybe with only three cups of coffee today instead of four. You never know. Miracles can happen!).

  • My daughter is in grade 3 (9 years old in Australia). Despite learning time at school for years and my (numerous) attempts to teach her at home, she could not understand this difficult concept. She asked me to please teach her over the school break so she didn’t have to go back to school not knowing how to tell the time. So, we worked through your K, 1 and 2 time lessons. She can now tell the time! With a much deeper understanding than I expected. Amazing considering how much time was spent by so many people on time in the past with very limited learning outcome.

    educeri testimonials
    Kate Georgiades
    Victor Valley High School District
  • “EDI has been a huge part of our success. It has provided a common language for instruction and very clear steps for students to learn.”

    Principal, Tim Lopez

    Fairmont Elementary – Sanger USD
  • “Even with all my training and experience, I still learned something new daily.”

    Teacher, Michelle Williams

    Riverview Elementary – Kings Canyon USD
  • “I get a real thrill when students have remembered a concept from weeks/months ago and tell me about it and how it applies or connects to what we are currently learning about.”


    Holy Rosary School – Western Australia

Our Staff

Alexander Chavez

Alexander Chavez

Math Curriculum Specialist/Consultant
Joel Soto

Joel Soto

Client Relationship Manager
Araceli Salazar

Araceli Salazar

Curriculum Specialist
Mike Neer

Mike Neer

Editor/Curriculum Specialist
Patricia Bogdanovich

Patricia Bogdanovich

Primary Grades Curriculum Specialist
Elias Ibarra

Elias Ibarra

Senior Graphic Designer

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