Standards-Based Daily Digital Lesson Plans Ready To Use As Teachable Lessons In The Classroom

Educeri allows teachers to access over 4,000 Ready to Teach® digital lesson plans in ELA, Math, Science, and more. These lessons are standards-based and will provide teachers with teachable learning objectives to meet student’s needs. Educeri lessons will reduce prep time and increase student focus on lesson delivery. Educeri lessons focus on student engagement through checking-for-understanding questions and opportunities for higher order thinking questions. Educeri lessons will provide teachers and students with visual aids such as animations and graphics, student handouts, instructions for student practice, interactive quizzes, and more.


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Ready to Teach® Lesson Plans To Save Time


Teachers know it takes time to create a lesson from scratch.

For some lessons, it can take 15 minutes. For other lessons, it can be more complicated and take as much as 2 hours.

On average, K-12 teachers create around 25 lessons each week for ~35 weeks in a school year.

That is an average of 875 lesson plans for teaching!

Even if every lesson only takes 15 minutes to create, that means every teacher will spend a minimum of 219 hours on this task.

With Educeri, teachers spend their time on the prep work for the lesson instead of creating the lesson from scratch. This equates to hundreds of hours saved for every teacher who uses Educeri.


Engage Students With Digital Lessons

We live in an era where students spend a lot of their time outside the classroom consuming high-quality entertainment.

This in turn has shortened attention span in the classroom and put the pressure on teachers to create high-quality learning experiences in the classroom.

With Educeri, teachers can bring that world class experience into the classroom without spending hours trying to create it.

Engage students by keeping their attention on the differentiated lesson plans from the use of visual aid graphics, animations, and thought provoking questions to engage students.


Three Options For Click, Project, and Teach


Use Lessons From The Catalog

Ideal for teachers who need digital lesson plans for certain lessons, teachers who are looking to supplement their classroom planner, and teachers who want access to a catalog of nearly 4,000 lessons.

curriculum calendar-for-classroom-planner

Use The Curriculum Calendar

Ideal for teachers who want to use a pre-built supplemental curriculum of daily lesson plans. The click, project, teach lessons are laid out in an easy-to-use classroom planner calendar. *Extra fee required.


Custom Curriculum Calendar

Ideal for teachers who need specific lessons. The teacher can contact Educeri with their requirements and we will build out the curriculum calendar from our library to match their needs. *Extra fee required.

Reviews About Digital Lessons for Teaching


“I used this with a student with Down Syndrome last week, and it was a great resource in helping her understand How questions. She really liked the PowerPoint. Thank you for your time in making this.” – Teacher, Heather C.


“I get a real thrill when students have remembered a concept from weeks/months ago and tell me about it and how it applies or connects to what we are currently learning about.”

– Teacher
Holy Rosary School
Western Australia


“EDI has been a huge part of our success. It has provided a common language for instruction and very clear steps for students to learn.”

– Principal, Tim Lopez
Fairmont Elementary
Sanger, CA USA


“Even with all my training and experience, I still learned something new daily.”

– Teacher, Michelle Williams
Kings Canyon

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do The Lessons Work?

    Every lesson plan for teaching uses standards-based content that addresses the needs of K-12 teachers and students.

    The activities for the lesson plan include resources for the teacher that cover lesson prep and include instructional guidance, student engagement questions, handouts, instructions for student practice, and interactive quizzes.

    When it comes time to teach the lesson, the teacher will project the lesson on the projector screen in the classroom.

    The students will see the visual aids and the teacher can go through each part of the lesson, one click at a time.

    Each lesson has prompts for the teacher that can be used to explain what is being shown to the students.

    After important details are explained, it also includes questions to ask the students to check for understanding.

    What Do Students Use?
    Every lesson comes with a printable student handout that can be downloaded as a PDF to print on any printer.

    Teachers can also download and distribute electronically via Google Classroom or Schoology.

    Are Lessons Aligned To State Standards?
    Many of our lessons were written expressly for Common Core State Standards (CCSS). We also have many lessons that were originally written for California, Tennessee, Texas, Australia, and other state and national standards.
    How Much Does Educeri Cost?

    Our monthly subscription is $7 per month, and you can begin your 30-day free trial without providing any credit card information.

    If you decide to add your credit card information, you will not be charged until the end of your free trial.

    Are There Additional Fees?
    The calendared programs like Launch to Literacy are only available to subscribers who pay extra for it.

    Have more questions? Feel free to talk with our curriculum specialist on our live chat.

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