Frequently Asked Questions

Ready To Teach® Lessons

What are EDI Ready To Teach® Lessons?

Welcome to DataWORKS’ extensive READY TO TEACH lesson catalog. It consists of K-12 grade-level, well-crafted Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) lessons.

  • Constantly tested in the classroom and continuously revised for maximum effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ensure more students learn grade-level standards the first time a lesson is taught
  • Promote constant interaction between students and teachers
  • Offer higher-order questions throughout every lesson
  • Provide clear, teachable learning objectives
  • Emphasize Teaching First and frequent Checking for Understanding throughout lesson
  • Engage students through pair-shares so every student answers every question
  • Help students gain confidence and develop skills through guided practice
  • Provide differentiation for ALL students including advanced, English Learners, and special needs
  • Highlight pre-selected vocabulary for extensive grade-level vocabulary exposure
  • Built in a multimedia (PowerPoint) environment with animation and easy markup by teachers

How Do READY TO TEACH® (EDI) Lessons Align to Standards?

DataWORKS’ interactive, multimedia READY TO TEACH EDI lessons focus on key elements required by state standards, including (but not limited to):

  • a well-designed, thoughtful concept and learning objective;
  • rigorous grade-level expository text in every lesson;
  • understanding and use of academic vocabulary;
  • writing to support answers using text-based evidence and academic vocabulary;
  • a demand for higher-level thinking through appropriate higher-order questioning in checking-for-understanding; and
  • the use of technology to enhance the overall learning experience.

Lessons break state standards into teachable learning objectives, so teachers can model skills and concepts separately as required by most state standards. The lessons guide teachers how to focus on deep conceptual understanding, build academic vocabulary, and use evidentiary arguments in response to grade-level expository text in every lesson.

How Do READY TO TEACH® Lessons Work?

Teachers can download, click, and teach these multimedia lessons. Teachers save time in lesson prep, can easily guide students through concept and skill, and can hold students’ attention with the projected display, as well as with interactive teaching and engagement. Questions in the lessons have answers that animate in with the click of a mouse, and teachers can highlight and markup the text with an online tool.

DataWORKS is constantly developing new READY TO TEACH lessons written expressly for each state standard in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and more.

How to Get Started with Educeri and READY TO TEACH® Lessons

To see SAMPLE Lessons or to purchase a one-year (renewable) lesson license or district license, visit www.

For optimum results, DataWORKS strongly recommends teachers be trained in Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) before using EDI READY TO TEACH lessons. For information regarding school and districtwide training, contact the Client Relations Department at 1-800-495-1550 or via email at


How much is the monthly subscription?

Our monthly subscription is $7 per month, and you can begin your 30-day free trial without providing your credit card information. If you decide to add your credit card information, you will not be charged until the end of your free trial.

How much is the annual subscription?

Our annual subscription is $75 per year and you can begin your 30-day free trial without providing your credit card information. If you decide to add your credit card information, you will not be charged until the end of your free trial.

Is there an auto-renew feature?

Yes, if you sign up for either the monthly or annual plan, you will be charged every month or year until you cancel your account.

Do I have to enter my credit card to start my free trial?

No, but if you decide to add your credit card information, you will not be charged until the end of your trial.

How do I print the lessons?

Every lesson comes with a printable student handout that you can download as a .pdf and print on your printer at home or work. Only student handouts are available for downloading and printing.

What do my students use?

Every lesson comes with a printable student handout that you can download as a .pdf and print on your printer at home or work, or download and distribute electronically via Google Classroom or Schoology.

My free trial subscription expired, now what?

Now that you’ve had 30 days to experience Educeri, you have the option to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. Log in and go to the My Account page. and visit the “Subscription Informations” section, and enter your payment info so you can continue to have access to Educeri resources

Why are some lessons not available?

You can have free access to all content for 30 days. After the trial period, you will have limited access. You can still access a few lessons per grade at no cost, but you’ll need to purchase a subscription in order to have access to all of the Educeri resources.

Can lessons be distributed electronically to students?

Yes, each lesson has a .pdf student handout that you can either download, print, or copy the .pdf URL, and distribute it using a system like Google Classroom or Schoology. Students will be able to open the .pdf files with ease on desktops, tablets, chromebooks, or any device with internet access.

Can I modify a lesson?

Educeri lessons are property of DW Educational Research Inc., therefore they cannot be modified.

When are more lessons coming?

New lessons are added as they are completed by our team of curriculum specialists. We average three new lessons per week.

Will you be adding more science and history lessons?

Educeri lessons are typically written for English language arts and mathematics only. If we have a paid contract to write science and history lessons, we will do so. However, the demand is typically for English and mathematics only, therefore that is what we most often create.

I requested a lesson, but I haven’t received it yet. When will I get it?

New lessons are written for paying clients first. In between paid clients, we try to write all other newly requested lessons that we don’t yet have in our catalog. All lesson requests are evaluated by our team of curriculum specialists. The most frequently-requested lessons are placed in the front of the queue. If you would like to fund the development of a lesson that you urgently need, please contact our client relations team to discuss payment:

Are lessons aligned to Common Core?

Many of our lessons were written expressly for federal Common Core State Standards (CCSS). We also have many lessons that were originally written for California, Tennessee, Texas, Australia, and other state and national standards.
As a standards-based research company, we have reviewed, analyzed, and compared the standards for many states and countries, so we can confidently say that our lessons fulfill the requirements of standards from around the world. We are currently working on a cross-reference map that will specifically notate each lesson and what standard it represents in each state and country.

Are lessons aligned to my state standards?
See “Are lessons aligned to Common Core?”

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Educeri Individual Account Tutorial

How to create an account.

Create an account for yourself.

Educeri School or District Account Tutorial

How to create a school or district account.

For Administrators at schools or districts who would like to invite their teachers to join their  Educeri team. You have the ability to add, remove, and view teacher activity.

How to reset your Educeri password

How to reset your password

Keeping track of all your passwords is hard, so we’ve got you covered. Follow these steps to reset your password.

School or District Features

Adding a Teacher to your account tutorial

How to add a teacher to your team

As the Administrator of a school or district account you have the ability to add teachers to your account.

  • Log in to your account

  • Go to the My Account tab

  • On the left panel, go to the Licenses option

  • On the right you will see a function to Add User(s), click on it

  • Enter the first email and if you have all emails on hand you can use the Add Another Email button and this will trigger multiple fields to enter multiple emails simultaneously.

  • After you are done entering emails click the Invite Users button and this will send an email invitation to your team via email which they will have to accept and continue to create their accounts.

Your teacher’s accounts will be activated once they accept the invitation.

Lesson Features

Lesson Overview Video

This video is an overview of how our EDI Lessons are designed to maximize instructional effectiveness. It covers learning objective, concept development, skill development, guided practice, relevance, and closure.

How to use our lesson search feature

How to find lessons FAST

With over 1,000 lessons, we have made sure to include ‘powerful search options’ in the lesson gallery. Though sometimes it is fun to scroll down and browse through all the lessons, we do realize it may be a bit of a time burner.

  • Type in a keyword ex. Theme. Before you submit your search you will see the available options for lessons that are related to that word right below the search bar. We are working to improve our search feature and making sure you find what you need ASAP!

  • If nothing shows up hit the search icon or the “Enter” key and all of the related lessons will populate on the page.