How Educeri Works

What is Educeri

Educeri is a lesson subscription service that gives teachers fast and simple access to hundreds of standards-based lessons. Educeri lessons are slide shows that work through your everyday web browser like Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc. With educeri, teachers have access to all content for all grades and subjects, allowing them to accelerate or remediate as needed. Teachers can quickly distribute an electronic version of the lesson to their students, and we are frequently adding quizzes and additional resources. Educeri’s goal is to provide affordable and fast access to well-crafted, standards-based lessons that support great instruction, so students can learn more and learn faster.

Educeri Lesson for Fifth Grade

Two Free Trial Options


Individual Free Trial

Try educeri as an individual for 30 days without having to provide your credit card information upon signup. At the end of the 30-Day period, you can continue to use all lessons for a small fee. Your account can be set up in about 30 seconds.


Team or School Site Free Trials

Your team/school can try educeri free for 60 days. At the end of the 60-Day period, the school can continue to provide all teachers access, or if the school chooses not to, then individual teachers can continue with their own email and account for a small fee. The setup time for a school account is 1-2 minutes on average plus a free webinar demonstration and Q & A with your staff. Minimum of 5 users.

Membership Plans & Pricing

Educeri offers 2 payment plans that provide the same level of access.

The only difference is the payment cycle. You can choose to pay $7 month-to-month or $75 for one year, and essentially get one month free.

Lesson Plans

Educeri lessons are research/standards-based and classroom-tested. They support the instructional model of interactive teaching that we have pioneered called Explicit Direct Instruction. It makes content explicit and delivery direct, which is great for initial first teaching of difficult content and great review for tests. Educeri has lessons for ELA, Math, Science, History, and ELD. Every lesson has built-in English Learner strategies and Checking for Understanding questions. All lessons are aligned to state and national standards.

educeri lesson plans


Educeri lessons don’t rely on expensive slideshow software, but they work as if they did. They are strategically organized slides with fun and simple animation to support great whole-class instruction. The only thing that teachers need to use the lessons is their everyday web browser like Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc. Educeri’s goal behind creating web-based lessons was to show that you don’t need new gadgets to modernize your classroom. You just need resources that work “modernly“ with what you already have.

Getting Started

Create your individual account.

Create an individual account by entering your email address and a quick password.

Create an Enterprise Account for your School or District in seconds by following these steps:

1. Create the account by filling out the quick sign up form.

2. Carlos emails you to schedule a quick demo webinar.

3. Carlos shows you how to manage your staff access on-the-fly.

4. Your teachers have isntant access.

educeri lessons

Happy Teaching!