Checklist for Quality K-12 Lesson Plans

Many online lessons for teachers are beautiful, easy-to-use, and low cost. But are they top quality for learning? We offer you this handy checklist to let you evaluate your next lesson before you deliver it to your students.

  • Are they constantly tested in the field and continuously revised for maximum effectiveness and efficiency?
  • Do they ensure more students learn grade-level standards the first time a lesson is taught?
  • Do they promote constant interaction between students and teachers?
  • Do they offer higher-order questions throughout every lesson and emphasize deep conceptual understanding?
  • Do they provide clear learning objectives?
  • Do they promote opportunities for students to use evidentiary arguments and/or multiple representations when solving problems?
  • Do they emphasize teaching first and Checking For Understanding throughout lesson components?
  • Do they help you engage students through pair-shares so every student answers every question?
  • Do they highlight pre-selected academic vocabulary for extensive grade-level vocabulary exposure?
  • Do they help students gain confidence and skill development through guided practice?
  • Do they provide differentiation with optional scaffolding for ALL students including advanced, English Learners, and special education?

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