We hope you are taking advantage of our constantly growing selection of 1,127 lesson plans, handouts, and additional resources. Thanks to your support and great suggestions, we keep adding more lessons and more awesome features to Educeri.


Our lessons use the Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) teaching model. That means two things:

  1. The lessons are built around seven components that have been shown by research to maximize learning, and
  2. They emphasize delivery strategies that engage the students.

In case you are not familiar with EDI or the delivery of our Educeri lessons, we are pleased to offer you a free 15-30 minute Webinar. During this webinar we will review Educeri and show you specific ways to take full advantage of this service in your classroom.


Those who have taken this webinar so far have felt that with this small investment of time they learned many new features of the service and took away several new classroom applications.