Greetings Educerians,

Thanks to your support and great suggestions, we have added more lessons and more awesome features to Educeri. Our newest addition, found easily under the subjects dropdown, is a repository of English Language Development (ELD) lessons. These are broken out by levels, similar to the levels for TESOL and state ELD standards.

With these new lessons, teachers will have access to quality curriculum centered around the main components of literacy: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Writing, and Language.

The first components of Launch to Literary curriculum, Levels A, B, and C, are now done. They are typical EL lessons for K-6.

  1. View Level A
  2. View Level B
  3. View Level C

Since a limited time exists in most schools for English Learner (EL) instruction, we have created a Pacing Calendar that makes suggestions for what to teach and when.

Along with the actual ELD lessons, we have included a sample pacing calendar.

ELD Lesson shown broken into key components.

If you would like to review the new ELD lessons with one of our curriculum coaches, please click here to schedule a free demo.

Beyond the individual lessons, if you are looking for a total curriculum solution for English Learners, feel free to visit our parent site DataWORKS Educational Research and check out our comprehensive beginning ELD curriculum: Launch to Literacy.

Or check out our intermediate ELD program: Link to Literacy